International Speakers

Graduated with PhD degree from Leeds University, UK and Postdoctoral Research in University of California, Berkeley, USA. Her research focused on Correlative Studies on the Structure and Function of Golgi complex of the Pituitary Cells with Optic and Confocal Microscopy, Transmission Electron Microscopy and High Resolution Scanning Electron Microscopy. She was elected as the President of the Committee for Inter-American Societies of Electron Microscopy (CIASEM) in 1992-95, and The Chief Editor of the Journal ACTA MICROSCOPICA (1992-95). She founded two research institutes in Venezuela for Biomedical research. In 1989, she received Venezuela Presidential Award, Andres Bello and Venezuela Governor Award, Antonio Jose de Sucre. She also received the Distinguished Award for Overseas Young Scientists from the Government of Republic of China in 1990. From 1995, she acted as Senior Consultant of Philips Electron Optics in Asia-Pacific Region and General Manager of Business Electronics Division, Philips Electronics China. In 2004, she started the implementation plan for the Mochtar Riady Institute for Nanotechnology (MRIN), and now she is the President of MRIN” 

Professor Susan SW Tai, PhD