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Best Practices of Research Collaboration between Teaching
Hospital and Faculty of Medicine


Collaborative research between hospitals and university settings can be used to develop cost effective, evidence based practice to improve health care outcomes. The aim of this presentation is to discuss the strategic collaboration and the learning outcomes of this collaboration from both the hospital and academia perspectives. The collaboration of research design for pooling of knowledge, capacity, resources, and interests. Through sharing tasks, a product is produced that can promote professional development of all members involved. The process of collaborative research should be described as the “The six C’s of collaboration” and includes the contribution, communication, commitment, compatibility, consensus and credit being identified. By connecting university and large hospital/health care systems (academic healthcare system), it could expand the scale of research, capitalize on unique resources, and more broadly share the results to inform patient care and improve practices nationwide and beyond.

Jarir At Thobari, MD, DPharm, PhD