Indonesian Speakers

System Analyst
Information Technology Department
Dr. Sardjito General Hospital
M: +628170214602

Completing his education in IT in the end of 2000, Dody Naftali began his career in a software development company to develop various types of application systems for the IT market in Indonesia.

He began participating in developing Hospital Management Information Systems and implementing them in many public and private hospitals since 2002.

He joined RSUP Dr. Sardjito Hospital in Yogyakarta in 2013 as a System Analyst and Lead Programmer to develop the Hospital Management Information System (SIMETRIS, short for Sistem Informasi Manajemen Terintegrasi Rumah Sakit Sardjito – Sardjito Hospital Integrated Management Information System).

RSUP Dr. Sardjito also assigned him to help the development of the Indonesian telemedicine system (Temenin) and an integrated medical resume for the Ministry of Health. 

Dody Naftali, ST